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The idea of formation of KOA was started by Dr. H.K. Srinivas Murthy in summer of 1972 with
Dr. T.D. Ram and Dr. J.S. Hegde as conveners. A series of meetings of handful of orthopaedic surgeons was called at Bangalore. Dr. M.Y. Rai was elected as the first President of the Association and Dr. J.S. Hegde as the Secretary. The first annual conference was held in the year 1974 at Bangalore. Dr. M.Y. Rai and Dr. J.S. Hegde continued as President and Secretary. In the year 1976 Dr. V. Chako of Manipal hosted the second annual conference at Manipal on a grand scale.

In the year 1978 under the leadership of Dr. A.M. Kulkarni, rejuvenation of the Association was brought about by a handful of orthopaedic surgeons at Hubli. With Dr. A.M. Kulkarni as President,
Dr. B.S. Kanaka Reddy as Vice-President, Dr. J.S. Hedge continued as Secretary of the Association. Dr. V.D. Sapare was Organising Secrertary of the Conference. A few changes in the bylaws were made. KOA was registered in the year 1982-83 under Dr. H.K. SrinivasMurthy's regime. The following is the list of Past Presidents and secretaries of KOA.

  • Dr Purushottam V J President
  • Dr Roshan Kumar B N Secretary
  • Dr Kamareddy President Elect - 2019


Past Presidents

Past Secretaries

1972-78    Dr. Rai M Y Bangalore Dr. J S Hegde
1978-79 Dr. Kulkarni A M Hubli    Dr. J S Hegde
1979-80 Dr. Hanumanthaiah Mysore               Dr. Mahadev
1980-81 Dr. Sharma R K Belgaum            Dr. B B Putti
1981-82 Dr. Chacko V Manipal              Dr. Bhskaranada Kumar
1982-83 Dr. Srinivasmurthy H K Bangalore  Dr. T R Nagaraj
1983-84 Dr. Shyamsunder Shetty Davangere  Dr. G Nagaraj
1984-85 Dr. Shantaram Shetty Mangalore   Dr. Suhakar Shetty
1985-86 Dr. Shah R R Gulbarga   Dr. Vilas Babu
1986-87 Dr. Mariappa T V Bangalore     Dr. N Krishnappa
1987-88 Dr. Surendra K T Bangalore           Dr. V S Iyer
1988-89 Dr. Hegde J S Mysore               Dr. Ravishankar R
1989-90 Dr. Sudhakar Shetty Mangalore          Dr. R M Shenoy
1990-91 Dr. Nagaraj T R Bangalore           Dr. N Ramesh
1991-92 Dr. Doddamani S D Bellary               Dr. Ramlingayya
1992-93 Dr. Putti B B Belgaum            Dr. R B Uppin
1993-94 Dr. Nagaraja G Davangere          Dr. D S Satyendra Rao
1994-95 Dr. Sripathi Rao Manipal              Dr. Vasudev Aithal
1995-96 Dr. Kalamdani Hubli                  Dr. Suresh Korlhalli
1996-97 Dr. Vilas Babu Gulbarga            Dr. Vikas Shah
1997-98 Dr. Sundaresh Bangalore          Dr. Naresh Shetty
1998-99 Dr. Rajkumar Bangalore           Dr. Shridhar Murthy
1999-2000 Dr. Bhaskaranand Kumar Manipal              Dr. Sharath K. Rao
2000-2001 Dr. Satyendra Rao Davangere          Dr. G C Basavaraj
2001-2002 Dr. Pattanshetti Bijapur               Dr. Anil Patil
2002-2003 Dr. Mahabal Rai Mangalore          Dr. Prem Kotian
2003-2004 Dr. Tahsildar Shimoga             Dr. Ravishankar R
2004-2005 Dr. Rajiv Naik Bangalore           Dr. Ravishankar R
2005-2006 Dr. Dilip Deshpande Dharwad             Dr. Ravishankar R
2006-2007 Dr. Sagar B G Mysore Dr. Ravishankar R
2007-2008 Dr. Naresh Shetty Bangalore           Dr. Ravishankar R
2008-2009 Dr. Umanand Mallya Mangalore Dr. Ravishankar R
2009-2010 Dr. Rajgopalan N Bangalore Dr. Vasudev Kamath
2010-2011 Dr. G.C. Basvaraj Davangere Dr. Vasudev Kamath
2011-2012 Dr. V.G. Murakibhavi Belgaum Dr. Vasudev Kamath
2012-2013 Dr. Sharath K Rao Manipal              Dr. Purushotham V J
2013-2014 Dr. K. V. Rajendra Bangalore Dr. Purushotham V J
2014-2015 Dr. Nithyanad Rao Mysore Dr. Purushotham V J
2015-2016 Dr. Sharan Patil Bangalore Dr. Edward L Nazareth
2016-2017 Dr. Suresh Korlhalli Hubballi Dr. Edward L Nazareth
2017-2018 Dr. Ajith Kumar Mangaluru Dr. Edward L. Nazareth



KOA Newsletter

Vol :14 November 2018

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