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Posterior Approaches to the Hip Joint

by Dr. K. Mohan Iyer (Author)
ISBN : 978-93-92892-12-7
Pages : 402 (Hardcover)

There are more than 100 described approaches to the Hip Joint in literature. “Posterior Approaches to the Hip Joint” is the only up-to-date book written solely on this particular subject. It has been compiled neatly and systematically, starting with Anatomy of the Hip Joint with special emphasis to its Posterior aspect, including Ultrasound and Sports injuries. The next chapter is focused on Biomechanics of the Hip Joint with special emphasis on its Posterior aspect, including the joint reaction forces and commonly used assistive devices of Total Hip Replacement.

The book also covers the patient positioning and setup using excellent demonstrations with original photographs taken for this book and not discussed in other books. The following chapters discuss in depth the various new and original modifications to the posterior approach of the hip .Including the minimally invasive and two incision approaches. 

The book doesn’t only explain the approaches, but it also demonstrates various repair techniques including the tranosseous repair. It even goes further to the postoperative rehabilitation particularly in relation to the posterior approach to the hip joint. Some chapter moves on to concentrate on the latest evolutions, namely Arthroscopic and robotic surgery and their role in the treatment of the Posterior compartment of the Hip.

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