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Dr. Edward L. Nazareth

President, KOA

My Dear Teachers and Friends,

I am extremely privileged to get elected un-opposed to the post of ‘President’ of Karnataka Orthopaedic Association. I humbly accept this as an honor bestowed on me by all of you for my services to the association as a Secretary General from 2015 to 2018.

I consider this as an opportunity once again to work for the association with the kind help of all our members, especially the ever enthusiastic Secretary General Dr. Bharath Raju G., active members of Executive Committee and Working Committee.

By the untiring efforts of our members under the leadership of our immediate past President Dr. Aswani Kumar Singh we have got the opportunity to host IOACON in 2024. To participate effectively in the mega-event all the members of our association have to become the members of IOA. Each one of us who are the members of KOA and IOA have to encourage at least one orthopaedic surgeon to become the member of both. ‘Each Member-One Member’ is our motto for the membership drive.

I have chosen ‘Ethical Orthopaedics-Safe Orthopedics’ as my theme for the current year. I believe if we consider our patients as our own kith and kin we will be ethical in our dealings with our patients. When we are ethical, both patients and we will be safe. I shall try to emphasize on this during my tenure.

While thanking all of you once again, please feel free to share your ideas to uplift our association with me through my email or phone contact.

With Warm Regards,
Dr. Edward L. Nazareth

Email: dredwardortho@gmail.com
Mobile: 9845578782

Dr. Edward L. Nazareth​

President, KOA

Dr. Bharath Raju G

Secretary General, KOA

Dr. Bharath Raju G

Secretary General, KOA

Respected Seniors and Dear Friends, 

Greetings from the KOA Secretariat.

I have completed my second year in office as the Secretary General of KOA. As the famous American Designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger said “The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream.”

KOA has been working to achieve greater heights. KOA has been awarded the “Best State Chapter Award 2022” by the Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States. KOA also stood third amongst the State Chapters of Indian Orthopaedic Association.

KOA has successfully won the bid to host the prestigious 69th Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association, IOACON 2024 at Bengaluru by a huge margin.

The District Chapters of KOA have been actively conducting CMEs and Workshops which has helped KOA achieving the Best State Award.

The strength of an association are its members. The activities of KOA is motivating young Orthopods in registering as members of KOA. The year 2022 – 2023 has received a record number 204 new members. An increase of 11% in any year in the history of KOA.

I request all the members to urge their colleagues and juniors who are not Yet members of KOA and IOA to become members.

The redesigned KOA Website is made interactive, along with a page for Job and Fellowship openings. I request the members to register in the community page and utilise the features for interaction. The members can edit and update their profile themselves on the website.

The 48th Annual Conference of KOA, KOACON 2024 is being conducted at Shivamogga from the 2nd to 4th of February 2024. I request all the members to register for the same at the earliest and savour the academic and culinary fest hosted by the Malnad region of Karnataka.

The suggestions and views of the members are always welcome. The members can contact me via Phone / WhatsApp / Mail. I assure to address your issue at the earliest.

Ken Blanchard a motivational speaker has said “Asking for other’s guidance helps you see what you may not be able to see. It’s always important to check your ego and ask for help.” I seek the kind support and cooperation of all the members in building a strong association.

Long live KOA.

Best Regards,

Dr. Bharath Raju G.
Secretary General, KOA

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